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Top 10 best torrent sites that are still working in 2021

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Kickass torrents were taken down years ago. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find reliable torrenting sites, as different countries crackdown on the practice. You’d be mistaken to think that torrents are impossible because the Pirate Bay keeps moving to mirrors.

They aren’t, and we’ll show you why. The top 10 most active sites in 2021 These include how to be safe when downloading torrents, and the risks that you could face if you simply download the first torrent that you see. We recently verified that all 10 torrent sites mentioned in this article were still available and will continue to do so regularly. This list can be updated. So you can be sure that you will always find a reliable torrenting site when you visit this page.

Important Notice: Your internet service provider may restrict your access to certain torrent sites or track your torrenting activities. These issues can be overcome with a VPN. How do you use a VPN? VPNs allow you to access torrent sites unblocked and keep you anonymous while torrentingEncrypting your data traffic will protect your identity and hide your IP address.NordVPN is one of our favorite websites.. You can test it without any risk with the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Let’s get to the point. The best torrent sites at the moment.

The best torrent sites

  1. The Pirate Bay– Best torrent site overall
  2. RARBG Great torrent site with active community
  3. 1337X– Great torrent site for movies and tv-series.
  4. Torrentz2 is the best option for music torrents
  5. YTS– The best torrent site to download HD movies
  6. EZTV Torrent site that focuses exclusively on TV shows
  7. Zooqle is a heavenly torrent site for gamers
  8. LimeTorrents– A great torrent site for downloading new releases
  9. is a unique torrent site that combines the best from other sites
  10. TorrentDownloads– A good torrent site for obscure or forgotten titles

These are some of the most popular torrent sites available. You can access them all to search for your files. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look at your options to find the best site for you.

Let’s first look at our criteria to choose the best torrent sites.

How to Choose the Best Torrent Site

Download speeds is the average speed at which torrents are downloaded from a site through a client. This information is only a guideline. It will depend on how fast you download torrents from a site and the speed of your internet connection.

Traffic MonthlyIt was an important aspect of determining how popular a site was. This implicitly tied it to many metrics such as library size or ratio of seeders/leechers. We considered including numbers on the number of seeders and leechers who were active in torrents at the time we wrote, but that was very seasonal so we decided to focus on other metrics.

Size of the library websites will include the number whenever possible. Although it is difficult to find the exact number, we tried our best to research it.

Type and variety of torrents when choosing a torrent site, are important factors to consider. Sites such as RARBG or The Pirate Bay have large libraries that offer torrents of all types, while sites like Bibliotik and YTS have a lot of movie and book torrents. We will discuss below which platforms are best for specific torrent types.

Ad IntrusionIt is important to consider these factors when choosing which torrent site to use. It is annoying to be bombarded with pop-ups and “click yourself” ads. It might be time for you to search for a new torrent site if you are forced to scroll through 8 ads to find the file. Due to the intrusion level of ads, we did not include 3-4 torrent sites.

SecurityIt is important to have a backup plan in case you download torrents. There are many shady websites that offer torrenting services, which can compromise your online security. Our list of the top torrent sites also considers security and addresses security concerns.

Let’s now get to the bottom of our roundup.

1. The Pirate Bay – Best Overall Torrent Site

Website: Visit a Pirate Bay Mirror in action

Attention! You might find the Pirate Bay blocked in several countries, even mirror sites. Need a VPN? To change your virtual location or unblock the Pirate Bay,

For many years, the Pirate Bay has been a popular site. It has managed to deflect attempts to block it or shut it down and is still going strong with more than 6.3 million monthly visitors. But, with the number of mirrors and attempts to block it, this number could be slightly off. Perhaps 20-60 million visitors per month is a more accurate estimate.

Although we couldn’t find an exact number for its library, it is in the millions. You can expect a download speed between 5-6 MB/s, assuming all other factors are equal.

Pirate Bay is known for its large community. This ensures that there will always be at least one person to see almost every torrent, regardless of age. We were able to download obscure titles even from over a decade ago and found that there were still happy seeders available to help us out.

It has a simple interface and use tags that will let you know if the torrent is from a trusted source and which ones could be a security threat to your computer.

Pirate Bay is without a doubt the king among torrent sites. With almost no ad intrusions and an active community, it has virtually no downsides.

Mirrors:, and

PS: If the mirrors do not work, you can search Google for “the pirate-bay mirrors”. You may also find other options, particularly on the second page. Our list of Pirate Bay Alternative can provide more options.

2. RARBG – Great Torrent Site with Active Community

Website: Website RARBG

RARBG is a huge directory of torrents. It’s well-known for its active community of seeders as well as high-quality torrents. It has been in existence since 2008 and receives around 40 million users each month.

It is a competitor to The Pirate Bay in that it offers a more personalized experience. This includes top tens for different categories and news on the homepage. The site’s library is large and frequently updated, so you will have a good chance of finding new torrents.

RARBG screenshot

RARBG has a similar download speed to The Pirate Bay. RARBG has a slightly higher ad intrusion rate, so consider that when choosing between the two.

You will need a VPN to get in if you are from the UK, Portugal, Denmark or Portugal.


PS: Don’t attempt to find another mirror if none of them work. There are many phishing schemes using RARBG-looking websites. Make sure to learn secure browsing.

3. 1337X – Fantastic Torrent Site for Movies and Television Series.

Website: Website 1337X

1337X can be used for music, movies, and shows. It is also used by some people to search for torrents for games. However, our research shows that RARBG and The Pirate Bay both have more torrents in this category, especially for older titles.

It was difficult to use and posed security risks. 1337X was not recommended for torrenting a few years back. It has undergone a complete site overhaul, which made it easier to navigate and safer. You can also search by award nominations for movies and shows.

1337X torrents homepage

It was visited 53 million times a month after this round of changes. (Active Since Oct. 2017, (Active Since Dec. 2017), and (Active Since Mar.). 2018), (Active from May. 2018),, (Active depuis Jan. 2019, (Active depuis Oct. 2019).

The “active since” date was added to ensure you aren’t falling for phishing scams.

4. Torrentz2 – Best Music Torrents Site

Website: Website Torrentz2

The main torrentz2 site was not available at the time we wrote this article. However, we were able to access it using one of the mirrors that you will find below.

Torrentz homepage and search bar

Although this site isn’t very big, with only 10-20 million users per month and not having much of an archive for torrents in general, Torrentz2 can be used to find music. It boasts the largest public music collection of torrent sites. Torrentz2 has very little else. Download speeds are not great. We got download speeds between 1 and 3 MB/s with an average of under 2. Ad intrusions can be annoying.

Also, any browsing option, such as searching by artist, song, or album, would be greatly appreciated. Keep this in mind for those times when you don’t find what you are looking for elsewhere.

Mirrors (the site we used),

5. YTS – Our Favorite Torrent Site to Download HD Movies

YTS torrent site


You can find a movie at YTS.

Despite the fact that YTS receives over 75 million visits per month, its average metrics are not great.

It is only interested in movies and does everything it can to find torrents with HD quality. The interface is gorgeous and there is very little ad intrusion.

The platform also offers classics. It’s actually the only torrent site that allows you to find movies such as 12 Angry Men in 1080p.

Mirrors (but the site has not been taken down).

6. EZTV -Torrent Site that Focuses on TV Shows



EZTV is the best place to find high-definition episodes your favorite shows. Although it doesn’t have as much content as RARBG’s, it has a large library and is able to provide HD streaming.

The seeder/leecher ratio on this site is quite good, as it boasts an active community that receives around 20 million visitors each month. It had a decent selection of older titles, such as Two and a Half Men.

We tried searching for obscure titles like Midsomer Murders in the UK. EZTV offers a wide range of torrents, as well as packages with older episodes. Although ads can sometimes be annoying, the library size and decent download speed of 2-3MB/s are sufficient to keep you from binging.

7. Zooqle – A Heavenly Torrent Website for Gamers


Zooqle is known for having the largest collection of torrents for video games. It has a great library for both consoles and PC titles. We also tried searching for older titles. Some torrents were even available that we couldn’t find elsewhere, such as a functional Uncharted 2 for the PS3.

It has a little over 5 million monthly visitors, an active community, and a download speed around 1-2 MB/s. This makes it a great choice when you can’t find any working torrents for video games.

It is even user-friendly. Subscribe to various categories and receive a stream of new torrents. Although Ad intrusion can sometimes be annoying, the interface is quite usable.

Zooqle homepage


Latest: Zooqle seems to still be available, despite recent claims to the contrary. One of our French readers mentioned that Zooqle had been closed down. We checked with a VPN to see if it was still available. We tried Zooqle with both an American and Dutch IP address. We were successful in all three cases. We can conclude that Zooqle is now accessible to at least a large portion of internet users. We will continue to monitor this and keep you informed!

8. LimeTorrents – Superb Torrent Site For New Releases



LimeTorrents is a great place to find new releases. It has a smooth interface and a high seeder/leecher ratio for new torrents. This can make it a great choice.

It has an average download speed of 3-4 MB/s, a little under 20 million users per month across all mirrors, and lots of search options.

It’s not on our top torrent sites list, however, because there aren’t many seeders for older torrents and ads can be annoying.

Mirrors and are available at,,,,

9. is a unique torrent website that combines the best of other sites


Attention! This website has been down a lot lately.

Torrents. to is not a torrent site, but it does track torrents from popular sites such as RARBG and The Pirate Bay.

You’ll find, however, that the data-crunching involved will lead to a larger collection of what you are looking for.

Although the download speed and other metrics are identical to what you would find on, we want to highlight its seamless design and minimal intrusion. has a little less than 5 million hits per month and some quirky data sets that show what’s hot. This could make it a great choice for those looking for obscure titles or who want to see all your results. screenshot

Mirrors None. This website was formerly known as, but the domain name changed.

10. TorrentDownloads – A Good Torrent Site For Obscure Titles


Website: Website torrentdownloads

Attention! This website will open an additional tab in your browser with ads. It is not harmful but it can be annoying.

TorrentDownloads is a classic in the scene. However, their traffic has steadily decreased (now it’s about 5 million users per month) due to Pirate Bay and RARBG having much larger libraries. It’s also not available in many regions due to government investigations. The average download speed is 2-3 MB/s.Ad intrusion Sometimes it can be bothersome.

It is a great option for obscure titles across all categories. If you are looking for an old videogame or rare book, you might try a quick search at TorrentDownloads. Asian titles seem to be taking up a large portion of their servers.


How to Use Torrent Sites

Let’s get started if you are new to torrenting.

A torrent is a small file containing meta-data about files you are trying to download. Special software is calledClientsYou can read the meta-data, pair your computer with other users who have the file, and you will “download” it from them.

It is a way to share data with other computers.

Naturally, you will first need a client. Bittorrent is our preferred choice, but Utorrent is also an option.

Utorrent interface

After installing a torrent client, download torrents from the top torrent sites listed above and then open them using the client. The torrent file will open automatically if you have the client installed.

Utorrent interface when downloading

Two words of caution.

Always download torrents and use a VPN to browse torrent sites.

If you do not use a VPN, governments and internet service providers can track your internet activity. In some cases, you may be sued for downloading certain files. Before you torrent, read our roundup on the top VPNs.

SecondBeware of downloading links that are not genuine

To make more money, torrent sites will show a prominent button that doesn’t download torrent files but instead a related software.

Avoid clicking on large buttons. Only click on the URL that will download the torrent file.

Let’s not forget these words of caution.

How to Torrent Safely

You are not only at risk of losing your privacy when browsing torrent sites. You run the risk of downloading viruses and malware. Phishing campaigns are also very common on torrent sites.

First, you will need to install a VPN. Check out ourBest VPN section for the latest news, safety tips, and best options, visit our website. A VPN will protect your privacy and allow you to access blocked torrent sites.

Next, make sure to tick all of the VPN safety settings that you can. You should enable leak protection, connection encryption, and a kill switch to protect your network from infection. These options will be available on most VPNs, though they may come under different names.

It is vital that you have a kill switch installed. This will protect your identity from being exposed if your VPN connection drops suddenly.

How to Access Private Torrent Sites

Many countries have their own private torrent sites, but it seems impossible to access them all. We did a deep dive into private torrent sites and were able to obtain invitations to some.

We were able to get in on File List, Romania’s largest torrent site.


What can you do to achieve this?

Reddit and 8chan have threads about torrenting. We were able to get in touch with someone who implied that they had an account in one of their threads.

It all depends on how persuasive you are.

This is the worst-case scenario if you don’t know anyone inside. If you know someone with an account, you may be able to request an invitation.

To Avoid Torrent Sites

You’ll find a few torrenting sites still popular that get lots of traffic.

You don’t have to risk anything by using these sites. However, you should avoid the following platforms.


TorrentGalaxy can be described as a reduced version of 1337X. Although it has almost 8 million monthly visitors, its library is decent and it is well-respected, the ad intrusion rate is far too high to be praised, especially in comparison to other alternatives.

KickAss Torrents

Yes, you can still access the website in its original form online. This is not the KickAssTorrents website you are familiar with. The service has changed significantly since its original removal.

You will need to first install an obscure browser extension if you wish to download any content from the current site. It is unknown what it might contain. However, we don’t recommend it being installed in any circumstances. You can use one of the New KickAssTorrents alternatives.


TorrentFunk is a torrent site that has all the right trappings, but it is full of every type of ad you could imagine. It also has a smaller torrent library than RARBG or The Pirate Bay, so it’s not a bad choice.


Although it is quite popular, Torlock takes ad intrusion into the extreme. You will see a lot more ads than you need, and they are not worth the price. You’ll see this if you visit TorLock. Most torrents, even the most popular, have no seeders.

Which Torrent Sites are Safe?

Private torrent sites like RARBG and Pirate Bay are the safest places to download torrents. However, it shouldn’t be a problem downloading any of the files from the sites listed in our roundup as long as you follow the safety guidelines discussed earlier.

We recommend that you avoid downloading torrents from any site that appears after a Google search. Also, we strongly advise you to keep your safety-enhancing software up to date. Your computer should not be in danger by downloading torrents if you do this.

Is torrenting legal?

It is legal to torrent.It’s merely sharing data between one or several people. However, sharing and downloading copyrighted material is illegal and can lead to legal consequences in certain countries. Many jurisdictions do not have the latest means to track torrent users. But don’t be discouraged. Use the right VPN to stay safe online and take the appropriate security precautions. Make sure to check the legality of any country you visit when downloading torrents.

In conclusion

Do not just download any torrent that you see. Make sure you only use a trusted torrent site from our top list and ensure that you take the necessary security precautions.

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