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25 Best Torrent Sites [Tested June 18, 2021]

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Finding the best torrent sites can be quite tedious if you don’t know where to download a torrent from. Given the fact that some websites are being shut down multiple times and threatened with hostile takeovers, it’s quite understandable to hesitate. But don’t worry, there are still good torrent search engines.

Furthermore, there are several torrenting sites literally infested with advertisements or malware, with low quality or even fake files, therefore, we tested over 50 torrent downloading websites to break down the top most-visited BitTorrent sites that will not interfere with your favorite movies and series, offering the best of torrent.

One thing to remember is that top torrent sites are always the usual suspects. However, the issue with them is that their domains are often affected by closures, accessing them in a conventional manner a difficult job.

We explain why these websites are the best for downloading torrents in 2021 and, more importantly, how to access them from domains that haven’t been blocked in an easy and realistic way, thanks to the “mirror” websites that keep popping up.

Torrent Sites Ranking Criteria

To help you with your research, we have compiled a list of the best torrent sites available in 2021, to allow you to have a reliable assessment of the status of the torrent sites of your interest.

  • Age of website not only refers to how long it has been in operation but also to how resistant it is to law enforcement agencies. Malpractice-infested websites aren’t going to last much longer.
  • Niche: This is also important if you are looking for a torrent website. Sites such as The Pirate Bay or RARBG have a large library, with torrents in all categories. Sites like Bibliotik or YTS, on the other hand, have a significant amount of book and movie torrents.
  • Geo-blocking – If a torrenting site is not available in a country, you will find it written here.
  • Monthly Traffic: This is an important criterion for determining how popular a website is. This includes data such as library size and the number of seeders and leechers. While at the time of writing we have considered including seeder and leecher count data for the popular sites, we realized that this is very fluctuating and probably won’t be relevant in a month or two. That is why we focused on other data.
  • Library Size: where possible, we will include this for the various websites. However, it is difficult to indicate exact numbers. We’ve done our best to find the answer for you.
  • Download Speed: The average speed for downloading torrents from a given site, through a client, is also important. Keep in mind that this can vary a lot depending on the torrent in question and your internet connection.
  • Advertisements and pop-ups: this also plays an important role in your choice of the best torrent website. Annoying pop-ups and fake “competitions” that you happen to win without taking part in are very disturbing. If you need to go through 8 ads in your search for a file first, it might be time to find a new torrent site. In our research, there were about 3 to 4 popular websites that we decided not to include in our top 12 for this reason.
  • The number of seeders: The more seeders the torrent has , the faster the download will be. In category searches, we chose the best seeder and leecher ratio out there.
  • Instant Download: Indicates whether search engines support instant download or not.

Top Torrent Sites In 2021

  1. The Pirate Bay – Best overall torrent site.
  2. RARBG – Provides 4K movies and is always up to date with new releases.
  3. 1337X – Best option to download programs, applications, software.
  4. Torrentz2 – Best torrent site for music torrents.
  5. YTS – Recommended for HD movies.
  6. EZTV -Torrent site that focuses on TV shows.
  7. Zooqle – Heavenly torrenting site for gamers.
  8. LimeTorrents – Excellent for new releases.
  9. TorLock – The best to download anime and ebooks.
  10. – Unique torrent site that combines the results of other BitTorrent sites.
  11. TorrentDownloads – Good for unknown and forgotten titles.
  12. IPTorrents – Cool private BitTorrent site where you have to make a donation to get in.
  13. Bibliotik –  Suitable for ebook enthusiasts.

Let’s discuss the different torrent websites in more detail.

The Pirate Bay

  • Foundation year: 2003
  • Blocked in: at least 28 countries including India, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, France, Ireland, United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Norway, Turkey, Indonesia, Argentina, Kuwait, Australia, Germany, Iran, Iceland, Italy, Malaysia, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, China.
  • Database : more than 3,300,000 torrents.
  • Average download speed: 65.9 Mbps.
  • Does it support instant downloads? Yes.

The Pirate Bay has been a crowd favorite for years. Attempts have been made to block and shut down the site many times, but without much success. The Pirate Bay keeps returning and has more than 6 million visitors every month. In addition, there are so-called mirrors of the website. Considering the number of mirrors and the attempts to block the website, the number of visitors is not entirely accurate. The total number of visitors is likely to be 20 – 60 million per month.

We have not been able to find an accurate number of the size of the library, but it concerns millions of files. You can expect a download speed of 5-6 Mb / s.

The Pirate Bay is popular for its large community. This ensures that there is at least one seeder for almost every torrent on the website, regardless of how old the file is. We have tried to download unknown titles from decades ago. There were still seeders who could help us get the titles.

In addition, the Pirate Bay has a clear interface and handy tags that let you know which torrent comes from a reliable source. It also indicates if the torrent could pose a potential security risk to your computer.

The Pirate Bay is without a doubt at the top of all torrent sites. The site barely shows any ads and has a large, active community. There are actually no disadvantages.

The Pirate Bay website and mirrors often do not work from several countries, but with a VPN you can easily change your location and many mirrors usually work.


Tip: If the mirrors don’t work, search Google for “the pirate bay mirrors” and you will find several options, especially on the second page of the search results.



  • Year of foundation: 2008.
  • Blocked in: different countries including Morocco, Ireland, Portugal, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom, Denmark, Indonesia.
  • Database: more than 800,000.
  • Average download speed: 91.6 Mbps.
  • Does it support instant downloads? Not.

RARBG offers a wide range of torrents and has an active community of seeders. The site offers high-quality torrents. RARBG has been around since 2008 and the website attracts about 40 million users every month.

RARBG competes with The Pirate Bay by offering a more personalized experience. A top 10 is displayed in various categories and news is shown on the homepage. The library is quite large and frequently updated. So there is a good chance that you can find new torrents on this site.

The download speed of RARBG is very similar to the speed of The Pirate Bay. RARBG does show more advertisements. So this is something to take into account when making your choice.

If you are from Denmark, Portugal, or the UK you will need a VPN such as Proton VPN to access the site. The website is blocked in those countries.

Mirror sites:,,

Tip: If none of the Mirrors work, don’t try to find another one yourself. If you do, make sure to take some safety precautions first. There are many phishing scams involving RARBG-like sites. So make sure you can browse safely.



  • Year of foundation: 2007.
  • Blocked in: Austria, UK, Ireland, and Australia.
  • Database: more than 2,400,000 torrents.
  • Average download speed: 69.4 Mbps.
  • Does it support instant downloads? Not.

1337X is suitable for films, series, and music. Some people also use the site to search for game torrents. However, our research shows that RARBG and The Pirate Bay have more to offer in that category, especially when it comes to older titles.

A few years ago, 1337X was not recommended. Navigating the site was difficult and visiting the site presented many security risks. Since then, the site has had a makeover and you can browse safely. There are now also better browsing functionalities for series and films. For example, you can search for Oscar nominations.

After the makeover, the site received about 53 million visitors per month. This is partly due to the download speed of 3-4BM / s. There is also almost no advertising on the site. As far as we can see, the creators only make money from bitcoin donations.

Mirrors: (Active since Oct. 2017), (Active since Dec. 2017), (Active since Mar. 2018), (Active since May. 2018), ( Active since Jan. 2019), (Active since Oct. 2019).

Tip. We’ve added the “active since” data so you can check the age of the domain and avoid becoming a victim of phishing.



  • Year of foundation: 2016.
  • Blocked in: it is not blocked in any country, as it is a torrent search engine.
  • Database: more than 61,000,000 torrents indexed.
  • Average download speed: 86.9 Mbps (EZTV download speed).
  • Does it support instant downloads? Not.

At the time of writing, the main torrentz2 site was down, but we were able to visit the site using one of the mirrors below.

Torrentz2 is not that big of a site and has 10-20 million users per month. The site has few general torrents, but it is great for finding music. The website has the largest music library of any public torrent site. Other than that, Torrentz2 doesn’t have much to offer. The download speed is not that great (between 1 Mb / s and 3 Mb / s, with an average below 2 Mb / s). Also, the many advertisements that are displayed are quite annoying.

Unfortunately, the site does not offer the option to search by album, artist or song. So use this site if you cannot find the music you are looking for on other websites.

Mirrors: (we used these),



  • Year of foundation: 2011.
  • Blocked in: UK, US, Iceland, Greece, Australia, Ireland, among others.
  • Database: more than 8000 torrents available.
  • Average download speed: 30.1 Mbps.
  • Does it support instant downloads? Not.

If you are looking for a movie just go to YTS.

Compared to The Pirate Bay, YTS has a smaller library. The average download speed is 3-4 Mb / s. Yet YTS has more than 75 million visitors per month.

Focused on movies only, YTS does its best to provide torrents in HD quality and small size, optimized for any device or bandwidth. In addition, few advertisements are shown and the website has a nice interface.

Finally, the classics are directly available on the platform. This is the only torrent site where we could find movies like “12 Angry Men” in 1080p.

Mirrors:,, (so far the site has never been taken down)



  • Year of foundation: 2015.
  • Blocked in: Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, among others.
  • Database: more than 155,000.
  • Average download speed: 110.4 Mbps.
  • Does it support instant downloads? Yes.

If you’re looking for high-quality episodes of your favorite series, EZTV is the website for you. It doesn’t have a huge library compared to RARBG, but it is targeting TV shows. It is the place to find new releases in HD.

The Seeder / leecher ratio is pretty good as it has an active community, with about 20 million visitors per month. We looked for older titles like Two and a Half Men and in the library we got good options.

We even tried to look for more unknown titles, such as the British show Midsomer Murders. EZTV showed us a wide range of both new releases and older episodes of the show. The advertising on the site is a bit annoying at times, but the size of the library and the decent download speed of 2-3 Mb / s makes up for it. Enough to keep your binging needs in check!




  • Year of foundation: 2013.
  • Blocked in: no country.
  • Database: more than 3,500,000 torrents indexed.
  • Average download speed: 39.1 Mbps.
  • Does it support instant downloads? Yes.

Zooqle is known as the best site for games. We have searched for older titles and have come to the conclusion that the library is very good, both for PC and game console. We even found some torrents that we couldn’t find anywhere else, such as a functional version of Uncharted 2 for the PlayStation3.

With just over 5 million visitors per month, an active community and a download speed of about 1-2 Mb / s second, it is a good choice if you are looking for a good game torrent.

In addition, the platform is very user-friendly. You can subscribe to different categories or titles. The interface isn’t bad, but the advertisements that are displayed can get annoying at times. In most cases it is still feasible.




  • Year of foundation: 2009.
  • Blocked in: France, UK, and Australia.
  • Database: more than 9,800,000.
  • Average download speed: 39.1 Mbps.
  • Does it support instant downloads? Yes.

LimeTorrents is great if you’re looking for new releases. With a seamless interface and an excellent seeder/leecher ratio for new torrents, this website is definitely a great choice.

The average download speed is 3-4 Mb / s and the website has just under 20 million users per month across all mirrors. There are also many search options.

Still, this website is not that high on our list of best torrent sites. This is because the website does not have enough seeders for older torrents. In addition, the advertising displayed on the website can be experienced as annoying.



Note: Unfortunately, this site has often been down lately.

This is not a real torrent site. simply tracks all torrents from popular sites such as The Pirate Bay and RARBG.

This amount of data makes for a much larger library, all in one place.

The download speed is the same as the site where gets the data from. We are very pleased with the design of the website. Little advertising is also shown. The website has just under 5 million hits per month. If you are looking for unknown titles and would like to have all the results in one place, is a good option for you.

Mirrors: None known to us. This website was first called but has since changed name and domain.



TorrentDownloads is one of the classics in the world of torrents, but the number of visitors has slowly declined over time. The website now attracts about 5 million users per month. This is due to the significantly larger libraries of The Pirate Bay and RARBG.

The website is the target of government investigations and is therefore not available in many regions. It only has an average download speed of 2-3 Mb / s. Also, the advertising that is displayed can sometimes be annoying.

However, it is a good option if you are looking for unknown titles in all categories. If you’re looking for an old video game or rare book, chances are you will find it on TorrentDownloads. Especially Asian titles seem to take up a large part of the servers.


Tip: This website sometimes opens an extra tab in your browser with advertisements. Not dangerous, but annoying. Try using an adblocker.



Now we move on to the private sites. IPTorrents is one of the largest private torrent sites. This means that you need an invitation to visit the site. IPTorrents has a large library, an active community and virtually no ads.

In addition, they are generally safer than public sites. After all, it is more difficult for people with bad intentions, such as spreading malware, to access these sites. Finally – and this is probably most important to many – they usually offer much better download speeds. This is because members of these sites are required to meet a certain “seeder quota”.

The website is currently accepting new members on a donation basis (from $ 20). With about 5 million hits per month, the site is a great alternative if you can afford to enter.



  • Year of foundation: 2010.
  • Blocked in: Australia, India, and UK.
  • Database: more than 4,500,000.
  • Average download speed: 59.7 Mbps.
  • Does it support instant downloads? Yes.

TorLock combines a huge list of torrents with a fantastic user experience, especially if you’re looking for high-quality anime episodes or reading material.

Some of the stuff on TorLock is difficult to find on other trackers, but you’re likely to find the most popular torrents here as well — there are over 4.8 million to choose from.

  • A wide array of active anime, ebook, and music torrents
  • Top 100 torrents list to help you find the best content

Just keep in mind that this site runs a lot of porn ads. If you’re not using an adblocker, proceed with caution.

Average download speed: 4.4 MB/s



Bibliotik is the largest private ebook download torrent site. Whether you are a bachelor student or just looking for an unknown franchise like the Nick Stone series; there is a good chance that Bibliotik has what you are looking for.

Bibliotik offers a large library and with hundreds of thousands of visitors, it is a suitable website for downloading torrents. Unfortunately, the site does not accept new members.


Strictly Avoid These Torrent Websites

Some old torrent download sites still exist online, but they have been hacked and are not what they claim to be. These famous torrent websites continue to receive a lot of traffic. We do not, however, suggest these websites. The following websites are affected:

  • TorrentFunk – Although TorrentFunk has the makings of a good torrent site, it is riddled with obnoxious advertisements. It also has a smaller library than RARBG or The Pirate Bay. There’s no need to use TorrentFunk.
  • KickAss Torrents – However, since the initial site was shut down, the service has evolved. You’ll need to install an old browser extension first if you want to download something from the new version of the web. We have no idea what this browser extension is, but it is not one we suggest downloading. It can put your privacy and protection in jeopardy.
  • TorLock – Despite TorLock’s popularity, the numerous commercials and pop-ups that it shows are extremely annoying. Furthermore, most torrents on the site (even the most common ones) lack seeders.
  • TorrentGalaxy –Despite having nearly 8 million monthly visitors and a good library, it has a lot of commercials. There are far better options available that will leave you with fewer popups and irritating commercials.
  • TorrentBay – It used to be one of the best torrent download sites, but it’s now just a directory of other sites. Personally, I don’t trust their ties, and I wouldn’t use them if I were you.
  • YourBittorrent –  This website seems harmless at first, but as soon as you click on something, it becomes bad news; it is full of pornographic advertisements and pop-ups that will try to persuade you to install apps that you do not like. If you care for your digital identity, stay away from this website.

Types of Torrent Sites

We’ve divided this list of the Best Torrent Sites into two categories: public and private.

Any user can access the tracker address on public torrent sites, also known as trackers. The method of downloading files from these sites is very easy.

On the other hand, private torrent sites or private trackers restrict access to their members only. New members are usually only allowed to join by invitation.

By email or invite code, an existing member must grant permission to a new member. To avoid leeching, all participants must adhere to the upload-to-download ratio.

So, which is the best?

Public trackers, of course, are the best choice in terms of accessibility. However, as the number of members grows, the likelihood of downloading malware increases due to minimal tracking and security.

Private trackers, on the other hand, provide more reliable downloads because membership is restricted and violators are quickly identified and blacklisted.

Furthermore, private trackers provide faster speeds due to seeding regulations, which require each user who downloads a file to seed it back.

However, gaining entry to one of these platforms is extremely difficult unless you know someone who is already a member.

How Does Torrent Work?

When you browse the internet, your web browser sends multiple requests to a server in order to retrieve the content.

However, this server can experience too much traffic from users attempting to access the same information at the same time. As network congestion exists, servers are more likely to fail.

Huge files, on the other hand, can be easily exchanged using peer-to-peer (P2P) communication without the use of a single server.

A client can receive requested files by downloading them from a swarm, or a group of computers in a P2P network that share a file.

The BitTorrent networking protocol, which is used to transfer files across the internet, allows for peer-to-peer file sharing.

A request to download a torrent from seeds can be submitted using BitTorrent client software.

The seed owns the entire torrent files, while the peer just has a portion of it. Small pieces of the file are transferred from each device to the client when downloading from peers.

After that, a tracker is used to help torrent downloaders find the parts of the file that they can seek from peers.

It keeps track of a torrent’s seeders, file size, total downloads, peers, and more. It also keeps track of which parts of the torrent file you require and which parts you have that other users require.

It is highly recommended that once you have finished downloading a file from a P2P network, you seed the file to other torrent downloaders as well. This is done to keep BitTorrent running across a large number of seeders.

If you go offline and others do the same (a method known as “leeching“), new clients requesting the torrent will have fewer seeders and therefore will never get full copies of the file.

How to download torrents?

Let’s start by defining the term torrent for those who are new to the world of torrenting:

A torrent is a tiny file that contains information about the files you want to download. Torrent client software reads the metadata and connects your device to other users who already have the file, allowing you to “download” it from them.

It is a method of exchanging data with other computers.

But you’ll need a torrent client first. We suggest uTorrent, but BitTorrent is also a good option.

The next move is to get the torrent file from one of the best torrent websites mentioned earlier in this post. Use the client to open it. If you already have the client enabled, the torrent file will open automatically in this window.

Below we discuss two more important points for attention:

First, always use a VPN when downloading torrents or browsing a torrent site. 

If you don’t use a VPN, Internet service providers and governments can track your internet activities. In some cases, that can result in a lawsuit for downloading certain files. Read our round-up of the best VPNs and download a VPN first. Only then get started with torrenting.

Second, watch out for bogus download magnet links.

In an effort to monetize your clicks, torrent websites will display a more predominant magnet links button that downloads other unrelated software instead of the torrent file.

Avoid large buttons and only click on the URL that will actually download your desired torrent file.

Safety is paramount when downloading torrents. We will discuss this in more detail below.

How can I torrent safely?

When you use most popular torrent sites, you put more than your privacy at risk. There are also other threats to be aware of. You risk downloading malware and viruses, as well as losing your personal information to phishing. For torrent sites, the latter is very popular.

The first step is to set up a virtual private network (VPN). Installing a VPN is essential because it will route your link via a secure server. A VPN allows you to access blocked torrent sites while still ensuring your anonymity.

Then tick all the VPN security settings that you can use. If your network is at risk of being compromised, make sure to allow encryption, leak prevention, and a kill switch. These options are available in most VPNs (possibly under different names). The kill switch is necessary because it protects your identity if your VPN link drops unexpectedly.

Finally, install an adblocker and other security-enhancing extensions.

How to Access Private Torrent Sites

Many countries have their own private torrent sites in their respective regions. It appears that accessing these websites is nearly impossible. We went on a mission to explore the world of private torrenting sites. For certain places, we were able to receive an invitation.

We used FileList, Romania’s largest private torrent site, as an example:

How can you get access?

Torrenting discussions can be found on sites like Reddit and 8chan. Although the chances of receiving an invitation on the forums are slim, it is a good way to meet new people. We reached out to someone who claimed to have an account.

If you don’t know someone well, this is the worst-case scenario. You should ideally know someone who already has an account and may ask for an invitation.

Torrenting FAQs

Which torrent sites are safe?

The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and especially private torrent sites are the safest torrent download sites. You should have no trouble uploading torrents from the above-mentioned pages. Of course, you must take the necessary security precautions.

We advise against downloading torrents from any site that appears after a Google search. Keep security-enhancing applications up to date. If you do that, downloading torrents on your machine should be secure.

Is torrenting legal?

Yes, it is legal. Since torrenting is simply the sharing of data between one or more individuals. Downloading and distributing copyrighted content without the creator’s permission, on the other hand, is illegal and can result in legal consequences in certain countries. Many jurisdictions lack up-to-date resources for tracking down torrent users, so don’t hold your breath.

Furthermore, though using P2P networks to share content is perfectly legal, uploading copyright-protected files without permission on their networks is just as illegal and punishable as doing so by other means.

Use the right VPN and take the necessary security precautions to stay secure online.

Check the jurisdiction of the nation you’re in before engaging in any criminal activity related to torrent sites.

Can I download without using a VPN?

Yes, but there is a risk if you download illegal content and Hadopi detects you (risk of a fine).

Why do torrent sites change addresses all the time?

Popular torrent sites are regularly closed by the authorities but once closed they reopen under a new address which explains the regular domain name changes.

What are the best torrent trackers?

The best torrent trackers are those that need an invitation. This is because the chargers are more secure and there is less chance of unauthorized entry. However, there are a number of good free alternatives, such as TPB and RARBG.

Best VPNs for downloading torrents safely

These three excellent VPNs offer advanced security and complete anonymity, making them perfect candidates for safe torrent downloads.

1. ExpressVPN: super-fast VPN with advanced security

  • 3,000 VPN servers compatible with P2P
  • Mind-boggling connection speeds
  • Strict zero log policy
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unblocks: Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Showtime, Sling TV, DAZN, and more
  • ExpressVPN has apps in several languages ​​including French

ExpressVPN provides lightning-fast connections with unrestricted data transfer, making it ideal for sending and receiving massive files. The best part is that it supports torrents through its massive network of over 3,000 servers in 90 countries. For quick downloads, you can easily find a server near you.

When it comes to security, ExpressVPN has a lot to offer. When you connect to a server, your data is encrypted using high-quality AES 256-bit encryption to protect your torrent downloads from prying eyes. There’s no need to be concerned about your ISP’s limitations on your connection. Your online activity cannot be tracked back to you thanks to its strict zero-log policy and automated kill switch.

ExpressVPN can also unblock geo-restricted content on Netflix and other common streaming services. The complete list can be found in our ExpressVPN analysis.

Split tunneling is another cool feature of ExpressVPN, which allows you to select which applications can use your VPN link and which traffic should use your standard internet connection. This means you can send your torrent traffic to a secure server and use your browser to access your local sites. If you live in a country where torrent sites are blocked, this can be useful.

Take advantage of ExpressVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee to try it out without committing to a long-term contract.

2. CyberGhost: the best VPN for beginners

  • P2P optimized servers for fast downloads
  • Easy-to-use apps and browser extensions
  • Block ads and trackers
  • Strict zero log policy
  • Unblocks: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Go, Showtime, and more
    CyberGhost offers apps in several languages.

If you’re looking for a quick VPN to secure you when downloading torrents, CyberGhost is a great option. Even if you’ve never used a VPN before, the applications for computers and mobile devices are extremely simple to use.

P2P dedicated servers are clearly identified on CyberGhost’s global network of 6800 servers, and I suggest using them for the fastest download speeds. Our in-depth review of CyberGhost contains the complete results of our speed tests.

CyberGhost masks your IP address, thus concealing your identity and location from torrent sites. As a result, you’ll be safe from hackers, data theft, and other cyber threats. Even your ISP (internet service provider) won’t be able to see your operation thanks to its foolproof 256-bit AES encryption. It also has an ad and malware blocker built-in, which makes torrent download sites more stable.

CyberGhost has a live chat service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any issues.

Use CyberGhost’s 45-day money-back guarantee to see if it’s the best VPN for you.

3. IPVanish: The cheaper and reliable option

IPVanish is popular because it can be used on an infinite number of devices at the same time and does not keep traffic logs.

IPVanish is the best VPN for torrenting because it can be used on an infinite number of computers at the same time and does not keep traffic logs.

When uploading torrents, IPVanish hides your IP address and protects your privacy.

It keeps your IP address from being broadcast publicly, allowing you to remain anonymous to your ISP, government, and other organizations.

Use IPVanish on an infinite number of computers even when you’re not at home.

IPVanish offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their operation.

Comparison: the best VPN to download torrents

Our team conducted several experiments to demonstrate how well these three VPNs do with the top torrent sites. We selected the torrent with the most active seeds on each website and used a P2P-optimized server to download as close to 1 GB as possible.

The results show that all three VPNs recommended have excellent average download speeds for torrents, but ExpressVPN comes out on top.

Site ExpressVPN
The pirate bay 67.3 54.9
Kickass Torrents 55.4 51.3
RARBG 62.9 134.2
1337x 66.3 49.4
LimeTorrents 43.6 33.5
TorrentDownloads 94.3 101.2
Torrentz2 80.7 89.6
Torlock 31.8 98.7
Zooqle 45.6 34.9
YTS 51.9 29.6
EZTV 96.6 86.4

All speed tests differ depending on server load, local server performance, active seeders, and speed jitter peaks, to name a few factors. If they ran the tests again, it’s possible that a different VPN would perform better. In these tests, all three VPNs performed admirably, so you shouldn’t have any speed issues with any of them.

What to do if the torrent site does not work?

Torrent sites aren’t always reliable. Every year, many torrent sites shut their doors, while others move to new domains to continue operating. Furthermore, we have a third case of domains that are blocked in a country but that we can reach as long as we take the necessary precautions.

Use a VPN

The first option for getting access to a blocked website is to use one of the best VPNs available. These tools have numerous advantages, and some even advocate using them at all times, especially when downloading content from the Internet. It helps us to conquer geographical barriers in addition to hiding our identity on the Internet, and it has a number of other advantages. If you don’t want to pay, you can use a free VPN or test the features for free during the trial period, which normally includes some of the best on the market.

Use Tor Browser

The Tor Browser browser, which is built on Mozilla Firefox, is the easiest way to access the anonymous Tor network’s Deep Web. Its activity helps us to bypass several domains’ censorship and access blocked pages without difficulty. We may also use the .onion domains that many download portals allow in order to avoid “traditional” domains being blocked.

Some precautions when downloading torrents

First of all, it is important to go to a trusted website when we want to download files of this type, hence we are going to leave you some of the best ones below. Even so, all precautions are little, since these types of pages are usually in the focus of all those who try to sneak a virus to their visitors with different objectives.

Therefore, if we are not careful, we can be victims of some type of malware camouflaged in these types of links and that we are tracked or that they can steal certain personal and confidential information such as bank or credit card details. These types of techniques also tend to try to steal our accounts and therefore can impersonate us, which we know as identity theft.

If, in addition to being frequent users of these pages, we use any of the clients to download torrents, then it is also advisable to exercise extreme caution when sharing files, since they may ask us to deactivate our antivirus or security tools. Something that, without a doubt, will leave us unprotected and will put our security and privacy at risk.

  • Try using the DuckDuckGo search engine, If you’re having trouble locating a website. It’s a lot more private than Google, and it’s less likely to cover URLs in violation of the Copyright Act (DMCA).
  • Check the uploader’s history to see whether he uploads high-quality torrents with a large number of seeders. In my case, I prefer to use the content of reputable users over that of new users.
  • To prevent unsafe downloads, read the comments on each torrent’s page (if the web allows the comments). Keep in mind that your antivirus software will produce a false positive even though the files aren’t harmful.
  • Download a stable VPN and a reliable antimalware application to protect your personal information and computer when torrenting.


Don’t download the first best torrent you come across. Choose a reliable website from our list of the best torrent sites. Do not visit these sites until you have taken proper security precautions.

There is not necessarily a site that is better than the others, it mainly depends on what you are looking for as a torrent. However, don’t forget to use a VPN to avoid any risk whatever the torrent site you use.

If you know of an active site that is not listed in this article, please let us know in the comments and we’ll update the article.


Let’s be clear: we are not in favor of copyright infringement, and you will not find links to the copyrighted material on our site.

While we do not encourage illegal downloading and sharing of files, we are against censorship, and for Internet freedom: anyone should be able to download movies or music. This site is a means of sharing useful information for free, and not everything that appears on a torrent search engine is copyrighted.

Before you visit the torrent sites below and download the best torrents available, we suggest you use a VPN, which protects your digital identity, hiding your activities from your Internet provider (ISP) or dangerous copyright trolls, especially if you travel to countries such as Germany or the United States.

Our favorite VPN to use with torrent sites is ExpressVPN, for both speed and privacy protection. Plus you can use it for free for 30 days.

But let’s get back to us. Furthermore, there are several torrent sites literally infested with advertisements or spread malware, with low quality or even fake files.

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